Achieve personal growth through group mindset coaching - The Power Within is supercharged with meditation, personalized attention, community and ancient wisdom from Ayurveda.

Personal growth is beyond the roles we play or the status we achieve.

You are busy taking care of everyone around you.

You feel guilty for feeling resentful. Because you know yourself to be kind, loving and generous.

And you intend to not let stress stop you.

And yet, time flies by. Days become weeks. Weeks become months. And you haven’t been able to take care of your own mental and emotional needs.

You’re ready to feel better, and you don’t want to waste any of your precious time searching.

You’re in the right place. Join us in The Power Within…

What you’ll get:


12 Live small group Coaching and Mindfulness teaching Sessions.

These weekly sessions will focus on: mindset shifts, emotional mastery tools, mind/body connection, increased resilience, increased productivity, optimizing sleep, tapping into inner healing.
We know life is hectic and you need flexibility - attend Tuesday evenings and/or Friday afternoons. Every session is always recorded for easy access at your convenience.
(Value $2,000)

Membership in a private, closed Facebook group

to connect with like-minded women. Give and receive support on your personal journey. Develop lifelong friendships. (Priceless)

On Demand Library: Fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness course

to watch/listen at your leisure. Distilled teachings to help you kickstart your personal and spiritual journey. Work at your own pace. You’ll have immediate access as soon as doors open on 1/31/22. (Value $1,200)

On Demand Library: 6 deeply meaningful, powerful Yoga Nidra sessions.

Use the intentions and affirmations as you desire and come back to practice any time. Keep track of your progress in your private portal. (Value $800)

On Demand Library:Micro-Meditation recordings.

Short, powerful meditations that you can practice anytime you need. (Value $250)

Journal prompts for ongoing personal evolution and self-discovery.



A complimentary seat in the annual Ayurveda Spring Detox Challenge!

Join us the week of March 20th as we transition into Spring. Empower and strengthen the body and mind with a refresh, renew and reset. This is a gentle detox and is applicable for most women. This detox program gives you access to daily guidance and support for 7 full days. ($400 value)

Guest Coaches specifically selected for your 2022 cohort

expect exciting bonus content in emerging areas such as mindful movement, mindset practice, productivity and living optimally. (Value $800)

Limited time Bonus: Private coaching session with Dr. Rashmi Schramm

to help you skyrocket your growth and evolution. (Value $500)

Swag bag with special surprises.

(Value $100)

Total Value of The Power Within $6,550

Limited time offer: $1,495


Limited Seats

Door Open 1/31/22. Immediate access to Course, Meditation library and private facebook group. Work through these sessions at your own pace.


Friday, 2/11/22 12pm - first live session!
Tuesday, 2/15/22 8pm
Friday, 2/25/22 12pm
Tuesday, 3/1/22 8pm
Friday, 3/11/22 12pm
Tuesday, 3/15/22 8pm
Friday, 3/25/22 12pm
Tuesday, 3/29/22 8pm
Friday, 4/8/22 12pm
Tuesday, 4/12/22 8pm
Friday, 4/19/22 12pm
Tuesday, 4/26/22



You are a busy woman, ready for more energy, more peace.

You belong here.
Join our community -

Highly Evolved
Outside the Mainstream


Finally begin to feel fully alive. You’ll reconnect to yourself. Trust and love yourself.

Enjoy inner peace and clarity.

Wake up feeling excited for the day ahead.

Your work is focused and aligned with your values.

You laugh often and it’s much harder to press your “buttons”.

Step into your power. Others notice.

Make big and small decisions with ease.