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Hi, I’m Dr. Rashmi Schramm

I help busy women ditch guilt and tap into inner peace and power so they can live life with more energy, fulfillment and joy

Hi, I’m Dr. Rashmi Schramm.

I help busy professionals tap into inner peace and power so they can live life with more energy, purpose and joy without the guilt.

You work hard. You take care of others. You’re successful on the outside, and yet… there's something missing. You feel overwhelmed. Tired.  Looking for fulfillment. Stress and guilt seem to follow you everywhere.


Sometimes it feels like you've lost yourself 


I get it because I’ve been there.


That’s why I deliver proven mindset and meditation tools.  I'll help you make stress useful - and confidently step into your full power. Feel vibrant - inside and out. Work more effectively. Be more present for the precious moments in your life.

You can serve with a full, open heart when you are living in fulfillment and alignment.


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"With the tools I've learned and implemented while working with Rashmi, I am able to better focus on tasks and be more productive. My sleep is improved and I am more calm in general. I have found more ease and flow with my running as well. "

Michelle, Pediatrician and Run Coach

As a certified coach and physician, I offer proven programs to help you live life powerfully on your terms.


Board Certified Family Physician, 21 years of clinical experience

National Board Certified Integrative Wellness Coach

Chopra Certified PSM Meditation Teacher

Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher

Duke - Certified Integrative Health Coach

Certified I AM Yoga Nidra Teacher

What exactly is Optimal Wellness all about? It's simple...


You appear fine on the outside, but struggle with finding inner peace. You’re ready to have freedom from anxiety, worry and self criticism.

Mindset coaching lifts the veil on patterns you repeat that hold you back.

You’ll find yourself excited to wake up every morning - ready for the day.

You’ll discover the power of science-backed, effortless meditation.

You’ll tap into your inner peace and power.

Become more productive. More focused.

As you become more vibrant, you have spillover in all aspects of your life.

Your relationships shift. How you show up in your life changes. You become more clear as you deal with your challenges. You create and work on your purpose. You heal yourself so can you help others.

Meditation and coaching are synergistic. Together, they launch you into the life you wish to create.

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Delivering evidence-based, high-impact mind/body/spiritual wellbeing tools.

We are grateful you are here.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Nothing offered on this website is medical advice. 

Coaching and teaching meditation do not establish a patient-physician relationship. Nothing I share as a coach, meditation teacher, retreat facilitator or blogger constitutes as medical advice or medical care. 

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