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Effortless Meditation



A heart-centered, mission- driven small group program...

The Power Within will open doors soon.

Ditch trying to rely on motivation for change. Enjoy more energy and resilience. Invest in your most valuable asset: Your Mind, Your Body, Your Health

What's Inside this Unique 10 Week Program...

  • Effortless, powerful meditation practice - ideal for beginners and advanced yogis alike
  • Immediate positive impact from every minute spent in every meditation session
  • You’ll increase Dopamine and Serotonin(“feel good” hormones) levels
  • Release unhelpful stress
  • Optimize sleep
  • Improve relationships

Learn More and Register today...

Coming Soon: Registration for The Power Within
Prefer to work with me 1-1?
This is an incredible, limited time offer with exclusive benefits. 

Skip the years it takes to establish a meditation practice without a teacher. Enjoy the many benefits of meditation right away. No need to wait for groups, Apps or books.

Invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing: Personalized Meditation Coaching

You’ll enjoy science-based teachings and zero-judgement sessions. The regular practice of meditation leads to

⭐️increased mental clarity

⭐️decreased anxiety

⭐️improved immune function

⭐️more restorative sleep

                                                                                                    What You’ll Get:

 -Chopra Mantra Meditation - in a special ceremony, receive your own powerful personal mantra. Meditation is an inner journey of a lifetime. Your personal mantra is derived from ancient Vedic mathematics based on the longitude/latitude and time/place of your birth. Bring a sense of calm self-empowerment into your life by replacing stress and anxiety with inner peace.

-Yoga Nidra Meditation - personalized fully-guided, effortless sleep-based meditation. We pay special attention to your intentions, your vision and your needs. By planting powerful seeds into the subconscious mind, daily decisions become effortlessly aligned to your larger vision.

 Here’s what’s included:

  • Tailored teaching sessions to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth ($299 value)
  • Zero judgement zone plus I meet you wherever you are on your mindfulness journey (priceless)
  • Your own personal mantra to begin your powerful and effortless practice ($199 value)
  • Personalized Yoga Nidra audio recording sent for home practice and unlimited use ($349 value)
  • 3 Private sessions that fit into your busy schedule over the course of 6 weeks ($999 value)
  • 2 Individual Mantra Recordings to elevate your consciousness ($329 value)
  • Lifetime of meditation support ($579 value)
  • Value = $2,754
  • Package Investment, Limited Time Pricing = $999 (1,755 savings)

"Before I started practicing meditation, I was stressed and confused. Now, I understand the power of intention which has unleashed my true self - courageous and brave."

— Courtney


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