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Optimize and Balance Your Mind and Body 

Immersive Experiences 

⭐️Small Group Exclusive with Dr. Rashmi Schramm

⭐️Interactive Workshop with Effortless Meditation -  Noon Thursdays in January 

01/12/23 at 12P

01/19/23 at 12P

01/26/23 at 12P

⭐️Move from exhaustion to vibrancy 

⭐️Find belonging in our fabulous community    

⭐️Nurture healing and growth for mind, body, soul



We've added another opportunity for you to experience true healing!

Mind/Body Yoga sessions with Kate Vallas is now open for registration!

You'll discover the power of authentic teaching, open minded connections and true belonging in our community.

Embrace your healing journey

These sessions are scheduled every Tuesday in January...

Tuesday 01/10/23 at 12P

Tuesday 01/17/23 at 12P

Tuesday 01/24/23/23 at 12P

Bring your yoga mat and feel rejuvenated and reset at every single session!


Register for Mind/Body Yoga with Kate - Tuesdays at Noon

What's Inside

💫Live, Interactive Sessions 

💫Find belonging in our community

🌞IN person sessions are all held at Vibrant Health

145 Hilden Rd, Ste 120 Ponte Vedra, FL 32081


Register for Rewire Your Brain with Dr. Rashmi Schramm

We are passionate about helping you flow through life with more ease, clarity and joy.


We make the wisdom of yoga and meditation accessible to all.    

  • Rashmi Schramm, MD is a board certified family physician, a national board certified coach and a certified meditation teacher. In her signature style, she will be teaching distilled, relevant tools to help you live with more ease, peace and more focus. All are welcome to these workshop style sessions that will incorporate effortless meditation in the Rewire Your Brain series. 
  • Kate Vallas is a highly trained, highly skilled Yoga Teacher. She has over 500 hours of training via Yoga Alliance. Kate is well known for her ability to incorporate ancient wisdom into the modern world to create an eclectic, inclusive and welcoming approach to your yoga experience.    
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Delivering evidence-based, high-impact mind/body/spiritual wellbeing tools.


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