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Nourishing Mindfulness
Effortless Meditation & Herbalism for Mind, Body, Soul

An Immersive Experience 

⭐️Cultivate inner peace

⭐️Replenish with nourishing herbs

⭐️Move from exhaustion to vibrancy

⭐️Enjoy fabulous community connection   

⭐️Nurture healing and growth for mind, body, soul

Limited time Pricing: $159



This four week immersion is for women who know there is more to life than feeling tired and worried. You'll discover the power of intentional nourishment with herbs, replenishing foods and mindfulness. 

 Embrace your divine feminine power.

This immersion experience is for you, whether you're new to meditation, struggle with meditation, or are already a seasoned meditator. 

Intentionally replenishing ourselves makes way for harmony, love and laughter to flow more easily in our lives.  

Learn from experienced experts in herbalism, functional nutrition, lifestyle medicine and mindfulness.

You'll have immediate access to high level, easy to digest lessons right away. Gain access to evidence based meditations as soon as you register. 

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What's Inside

💫Live, Interactive Sessions (always recorded)

8/3/22 - 1PM MT "Herbs and nutrition to enhance your wellbeing today" with Shelley Swapp

8/10/22 - 1PM MT "Meditation as a powerful tool to improve focus and optimize sleep right away" with Rashmi Schramm, MD

8/17/22 - 1PM MT "The synergy of herbs, food and meditation as medicine" with Rashmi and Shelley

8/24/22 - 1PM MT "How to tap into more energy by effortlessly combining herbs and meditation" with Rashmi and Shelley 


All sessions are recorded - with access via your private program portal.


🌱Distilled, relevant wisdom on herbs that you can use right away 

🌱Easy Recipes to incorporate for vibrant health

🌱Evidence based meditations for more focus, inner peace

🌱Dive into the neuroscience of meditation

💫Find belonging in a supportive community of like minded women in our private Facebook group

💫Limited Time Investment: $159 (Total Value $850)

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We are passionate about making the wisdom of herbalism and meditation accessible to all women.

  • Shelley Swapp is a highly trained, highly skilled integrative herbalist and functional nutritionist. She has helped hundreds of women achieve more balance, harmony and energy through her private practice. 
  • Rashmi Schramm is a board certified family physician, a national board certified coach and a certified meditation teacher. In her signature style, she will be teaching distilled, relevant tools to help you live with more ease, peace and more focus. 
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